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Guideline Two to Optimum Wellness

by Daniel T. Moore, Ph.D.

Copyrighted 2008

Hopefully by now you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish by your goals in wellness. It may be to lose weight, have more energy or cure yourself or a family member from an incurable disease. I have several wellness goals for myself. I have already accomplished several goals by following all ten of these guidelines. Currently, I am in the process of becoming my ideal weight which is 175 pounds. Before the holidays I was only 10 pounds from my goal. Even though I appeared to lose sight of 175 pounds during the holidays, I am back on track now. My major goal is to overcome my life long (since age six or seven) problem of allergies. I know that these guidelines work and will continue to work for me. They will work for you and anyone else who tries them. I hope you enjoy learning about the guidelines and relax when applying them. While they may seem a matter of life or death, most of you still have plenty of time in applying these guidelines. You will get more out of the guidelines if you keep a relaxed, open mind about them.

Whatever your personal goals are, chances are that toxins are standing in your way of reaching these goals. Guideline two addresses the toxins that are found within the body.

Guideline Two: As well as you can, identify the toxins that are in your body and get rid of them.

On February 23, 2004, Time Magazine ran a cover article talking about how inflamation is the root cause of many of todayís chronic diseases. Inflamation is simply the bodyís attempt to rid itself of toxins and substances that the body thinks are foreign. If you feel bloated, retain water, or are overweight, chances are your body is inflamed. If this is the case, chronic illness is often just down the road or has already arrived. Unfortunately, the body can get confused and start thinking that harmless substances like food and other body tissues is foreign and tries to get rid of it. That is basically what is happening with allergies, lupus and some forms of inflamation.

I can almost guarantee that the majority of the population has enough toxins in their body to cause them harm. I was driving to work in the spring of 2000 when I heard the result of the government study of toxins in humans that they perform every ten years. Every decade the government draws blood and urine from a cross section of American citizens to determine levels of toxic chemicals. In the year 2000 there was good news and bad news. The good news was that the toxins related to cigarettes had decreased since 1990. They concluded that the efforts to reduce exposure to second hand smoke had been effective. The bad news was two fold. The toxins from plastics have increased, and that women of child bearing age had enough mercury in their bodies to cause damage to their fetuses. A major source of the mercury was from cosmetics. The cosmetic industry uses mercury in some of their products (e.g., red lipstick). Mercury and lead is easily absorbed through the skin and unfortunately, they are used in cosmetic products. Other toxins are in cosmetic products as well. I went to work and found the report on the Internet. When I searched for the government report two weeks later, I could not find it. I do not know what happened to it.

Mark Shapiro was able to find a similar report from the Center for Disease Control in 2005 concluding that American Citizens have high levels of toxins from plastics. His research suggests that the toxins found in cosmetics, everyday hygiene supplies, automobile dashboards, and the water supply are the cause of our increased cases of cancer, asthma, allergies and other diseases. Dr. Kenneth Bock feels that mercury exposure is the major cause of Autism, Asthma, Allergies and ADHD. I suspect these researchers are correct.

So how can you identify the toxins that are in your body? Toxins can be identified through blood tests, urine tests and hair analyses. These lab tests are very scientific and the reports from blood and urine tests are usually more reliable than the results from hair analyses. All are important because the blood and urine tests will check for high levels of toxins that are currently being secreted within the blood stream and the urine. Again, it only tests for high levels of toxins that are currently being excreted. Hair samples contain toxins that have been secreted over time offering a long term assessment of the toxins within your body. Many damaging toxins are at low levels and are only detectable through a long time sample which is contained in hair.

Before Hurricane Katrina, a hair analysis cost about $50.00. Today, Great Plains Laboratory will do an hair sample for $125.00. Insurance companies usually cover blood and urine tests but rarely hair analyses. If you can afford these tests or are covered with insurance, I highly recommend you seriously consider getting them to test for as many toxic substances as possible. Knowing what kinds of toxins are in your body will guide you to specific techniques of getting them out of your body. Work with your doctor and keep the information from your Laboratory tests. The methods to detox mercury is different than those used for lead. The Great Plains Laboratory has much information and is designed for treatment of Autism, ADHD and other chronic disorders. Their web site gives rich information in the role of yeast, bacteria and toxins in your body. You can learn more about them through the Internet at http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com. The information will be helpful on your journey to full recovery.

Interpretation of laboratory tests is important because many professionals often overlook important information from the tests. These tests also give clues on how the body is responding to the toxins. Such knowledge will be useful to guide treatment. For example, some children with symptoms of Autism may have a condition called PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus) while others do not. Treating the PANDAS will help those children recover quicker from their symptoms of Autism. Many professionals attempt to treat Autism without even considering the existence of PANDAS.

A great resource for many people is Doctorís Nutrition. They help people obtain blood tests at a reasonable price ($69.00) and also help interpret laboratory tests without charge. To find out more information, visit their website at http://www.doctorsnutrition.com. Listen to their advice on the things that will help you recover.

When you get the test results back, do not be afraid. Relax. You are still alive arenít you? Somehow you have lived even with all those toxins within your body. Just because you have toxins in your body does not mean that you are currently sick. Your body can tolerate a certain level of toxins adequately enough. However, there becomes a point where the toxins become too much for your body. That is usually the beginning of disease. It could take years for the disease to take itís toll on the body. Having knowledge of what toxins are in your body will simplify your efforts at getting them out. You can do Internet searches to find a variety of methods of getting specific toxins out of your body. I will cover some of these methods shortly.

Now what if you say that you can not afford the tests at this time? Can I work towards detoxing my body? The answer is yes. You can still detox the body without knowing what toxins you have in your body. However, to make things scientific, you need to identify the toxins, get a measure of how much toxins are currently being secreted in the blood, urine and hair samples, and then do follow up measures after you have employed various methods of detoxification. This helps chart your progress to verify that you are getting the desired results. You may also want to write down all your symptoms so that you can see if detoxifying the body will lead to improvement of your illnesses and symptoms. Then you will gain confidence in these guidelines as you have your own scientific data that they are effective.

Many people are able to heal without ever knowing the specific toxins or the amount that were in their body. So if you cannot afford the tests, you can still continue to follow this guideline. However, for major chronic illnesses such as Autism, tests for toxins are essential. You will see improvements attempting to detox without knowing what specific toxins exist, but to get rid of all toxins, you need to know what toxins are present. Knowing what toxins are present allows the health professional to choose appropriate methods to detox the body. Laboratory tests are the fastest way to healing and obtaining optimal wellness.

So now letís focus on ways to get the body detoxified of all toxic chemicals. Never in the history of mankind has there been so much exposure to toxins on such a massive scale. The question is not whether you have toxins or not. The question is how much toxins do you have? Again, it is the toxins that are causing the inflamation in your body. It is the inflamation that causes chronic illnesses according to your genetic makeup (e.g., arthritis, allergies, asthma, cancer, diabetes, lupus). In most cases, your symptoms are simply clues as to how your body has reacted to the level of toxins or foreign substances currently in your body.

While we are constantly bombarded with toxins that should not exist in our environment, never in the history of mankind has there been so many resources to help your body heal. There are whole industries dedicated to healing. To name only a few: the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chiropractic industry, homeopathy, nutrition, nutritional supplements, wellness, and fitness. Many of these industries have developed procedures to get rid of toxins.

Chelation is probably the most radical method of getting toxins out of the body. Medical chelation must be done by a competent physician because it is a complicated procedure that can easily go wrong and be harmful. For example, too many toxins could be released too soon in the intestinal track causing an overgrowth of yeast and neuro-toxic bacteria. Care must be taken to prevent such a complication. There are three methods of offering medical chelation: intravenously, orally, and through the skin. Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) is often used in medical chelation to remove lead. Other chelation compounds are used to detox the body of mercury (e.g., N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC )). Knowing what toxins exist in the body helps the physician choose the appropriate chelation agent for the detoxifying process.

There is also a natural form of chelation. Many organic acids found in the body or in foods can act as chelating agents, including acetic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, and lactic acid. Natural chelation processes in the body are responsible for such things as the digestion, assimilation, and transport of food nutrients, the formation of enzymes and hormones, and detoxification of toxic chemicals and metals. Cilantro, garlic, raw potatoes and asparagus are some examples of natural chelation agents. The Internet site of http://www.healingdaily.com/oral-chelation.htm offers instructions on how to do a natural chelation. Again be careful and it is best to do it under the advise of a chelation specialist.

Before any chelation is started, it is highly recommended that the colon become stabilized as much as possible. Many autistic children have considerable problems with their colon. Symptoms of an unstable colon include spastic colon, frequent diarrhea, frequent constipation, and intestinal bloating. It is important to talk to a knowledgeable physician to resolve these problems before starting any detoxifying process. A knowledgeable physician is one that is knowledgeable about homeopathy and/or the methods employed by Defeat Autism Now (DAN) doctors. More information about DAN doctors can be obtained at http://www.healing-arts.org/children/amyholmes.htm.

A less dangerous method of getting rid of toxins is by attempting to cleanse the body by cleansing each major organ at a time. The place to start is with the colon. Once the colon is cleansed, other vital organs can be cleansed as well. According to experts, if you attempt to do a liver cleanse and have a dirty colon, the liver will become dirty again from the toxins in the colon.

Probably one of he best ways to clean the colon in adults is through Colonics or colon hydrotherapy. This is putting water into the colon and flushing it out. A complete colon cleanse usually takes about six sessions and you should do no more than two sessions within a twenty four hour period. Do not do this at home. Seek a professional in your area.

Children and adults who have already used Colonics can use a supplement available at health food stores to cleanse the colon. Please do not do a liver cleanse or a kidney cleanse before you do the colon cleanse. If the liver is dirty, usually the kidney and the liver are too. Once the colon is cleansed, then you can take herbal supplements to cleanse the liver and the kidney or any other major organ that you want.

If you are not working with a physician to do chelation, you can work to detox the body by stabilizing the colon. Once the colon is stabilized you can do a colon cleanse product from a health food store or use Colonics. Then work to cleanse the liver and then the kidney following the advice of a trusted health food store. Over time you can test the success of your efforts though a second blood, urine and hair analysis.

The body has natural detox systems including processes called methylation and saunas. Certain nutritional supplements can boost the bodies ability to perform these processes (e.g., Folinic acid, SAMe, Vitamins C and E). An excess of toxins can prevent the body from employing these processes. During the process of detoxifying the body, these natural processes can start up again adding additional health and wellness to the body. During the process of cleansing, you should notice a big improvement in your health and wellbeing. Your ability to think and stay focused on a task should improve as well.

In summary, it is important to identify the toxins that are in your body. This can easily be done with laboratory tests. It is more important to cleanse the body of as many toxins as possible. The above mentioned information is only an introduction to detoxification or cleansing the body. You may wish to obtain more information before you start or have a professional start the detoxification process. Additional information can be found at the following Internet sites: http://community.gaiam.com/gaiam/p/10WaystoDetoxifyYourBody.html offers 10 Ways to Cleanse the body of toxins.

http://www.healthy.net/scr/article.asp?ID=1558 Offers Dr. Haasí advise on detoxification.

I hope you have found this information helpful. Please let me know if you have any comments about this guideline. I can be reached through E-mail at yourfam@bellsouth.net.

Remember, almost all diseases, mental health conditions, and illnesses can be healed by proper detoxification. The next step is to avoid future toxins in the body. The final step is to give the body the proper nutrition to encourage the body to heal itself. The future guidelines address these steps. You have a powerful body. Take good care of it. Clean out the bad stuff and keep all the good stuff. You will feel better and live life at a higher level of functioning. You are on your way to optimum wellness!

If you would like the other guidelines, please contact me so that I can send them to you. You can contact me through E-mail. If you have questions, please feel free to E-mail us at Your Family Clinic.

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