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Technique Submitted by: Amanda Reese, MS

Original Source: adapted from a technique described in Kevin Leman's book Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down How To Raise Confident, Successful Children.

Type of Child: Ages 4 to adult who have bad table manners.

Materials Needed: many pennies


The goal of this technique is to increase polite behaviors at the dinner table. The first step is to clearly define what good manners at the table are (e.g., no burping, not chewing with mouth open, asking for food to be passed). Next, three pennies are give to everyone eating at the table. When someone catches anyone practicing poor table manners, they get to take away one penny from the person committing the violation and keep the penny. When the person loses all three pennies they are excused from the table and have to wait until everyone is finished eating before they return to eat. At the end of the meal, everyone is allowed to keep their remaining pennies.

Repeat this technique at each meal until manners are consistently practiced by the participants

Not Intended For: Children who have no control over their muscle movements.

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