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The Amateur Nutritionist's
List of Favorite Health Products

D-89-1 Ear Drops manufactured by DNA Laboratories, Inc. in Chelan, Washington. A simpleherbal remedy for ear infections. Having four children, we were able to save countless visits to thedoctor's office with this product. Health food stores do not have this brand but usually carry garlicoil ear drops that are good. DNA's product includes some great herbs that seem to stimulate the ear's healing process quickly. Click here to find an online offer. Click here to find an another online offer. Olive Oil and Garlic Herbal Ear Drops is a similar product available at

IMUN-C manufactured by The Leek Corporation in Newport Beach, CA. In relatively largedosages this product helped us beat Valley Fever and bronchitis. Contact a knowledgeablephysician, health-food store or the company to find out how much to take for these hard to treat ailments. IMUN-C + by the Legacy Corporation is a similar product.

Vital Life Multi-Element Buffered C Powder manufactured by Klaire Laboratories in SanMarcos, California. This comes in powdered form which makes it easy to give to children in fruitjuice. Used to help colds, allergies, flue symptoms, viruses, infections, and aids in healing the skin. Multi-Element Buffered C by the Klaire Labs is a similar product.

Super B - Complex: Herbal formula manufactured by Twin Laboratories in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. A vitamin B complex in liquid form which is easy to put in children's fruit juice. Click here to order from Vitacost. Another liquid formula without cynacoblamin as the B12 can also be found at Vitacost by clicking here.

Colloidal Minerals. Our favorite brand is from DNA Labs. They come in eye dropper form. Other companies combine colloidal minerals with other liquids. We just like adding drops to fruit juice. We use colloidal minerals to improve the overall health of our children. Some clients rotate colloidal minerals and vitamin B complex to help reduce the amount of medication needed for aggressive, inattentive children. Rotate means to use one for a while and then use the other for a while. Rotation is done to prevent the body getting used to the product and then returning to it'spre-treatment condition'. A similar product can be found at Vitacost by clicking here.

Pychnogenol. There are many different kinds and brands (e.g., grapefruit seed extract, pine bark pychnogenol). We use pychnogenol as an anti-oxidant, and to increase clear thinking. Some report it is helpful in ADD problems.

Garlic and cayenne pepper. Again there are many different brands. We use it to overcome viruses, colds, and flu. We also use echinacia and goldenseal for similar purposes.

D-6 Fluenzol. Homeopathic Drops also manufactured by DNA Laboratories, Inc. in Chelan, Washington. We take this to prevent the flu or to get over the symptoms much quicker if we have the flu. If you think you have met someone with the flu, this is a great preventative measure to take. Click here to find an online offer.

Ginko Biloba. Used to help brain functioning. Choose a good natural brand. We have had several reports on how great this herb is in helping cognitive functioning.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. We use this on eye infections (bacterial or viral). We sometimes just put the tea bag on the eye. Sometimes we rinse the eye in warm tea. It is our first approach to most eye problems.

Calm Attend manufactured in Ogden Utah. We have had teachers report noticeable difference in children who take this product designed for individuals with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. A homeopathic remedy called Vaxa Attend has some great reviews from consumers.

Natrol Omega-3 Fish Oil. There are many brands of fish oil, we like Natrol. Fish oil is great for heart health and brain development and repair.

Glutathion. Known as the master detoxer, glutathione helps take toxins out of your body. It is good to take glutathion when you get a flu shot or a vaccine. Chlorella is another good product to take to detox. Taken with fiber it is supposed to get rid of heavy metals including mercury.

Let us know your favorite products. If you feel strongly that you received great benefit from a product, let us know and we will try it out. If we like it, we will put it on this list to share with others. Please contact us by E-mail at: The Family Clinic.

Having trouble finding these products? Maybe we can help. Just let us know which products you are having trouble locating and we will help. Again, contact us by E-mail at: The Family Clinic.

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