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Comments on Vitamins and Minerals

In searching for solutions to your child's ADD/ADHD problems, do not overlook nutrition. Nutrition might not be the complete answer, but it can do much to improve your child's functioning. Fortunately, several reachers have not ignored nutrition.

A study by Pihl and Parkes brought to light how much our intellectual learning can be influenced by the nutrition we take in. They measured levels of trace minerals in children's hair clippings. "It was possible to accurately pick 98% of all the children diagnosed as learning disabled. The cause of the abnormal level of trace elements was not known." (Human Neuropsychology 198).

Other scientists have discovered how important B-vitamins are for brain functioning. The B-vitamins work together to improve blood circulation to our brain, and convert our food into energy that the brain can use. They also enhance our neurotransmitters, without which we could not control our muscles or move. B-vitamins improve memory as well as our ability to think, reason, remember, imagine or learn. They are even being used to ease the effects of mental illnesses, including depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. You may wonder about how to get B-vitamins and trace minerals naturally.

B-vitamins are found in higher concentrations in the following foods: lean beef, brewer's yeast, white meat chicken, chick-peas, eggs, rye flour, whole wheat flour, kidney beans, liver, milk, navy beans, peanuts, brown rice, salmon, sunflower seeds, Swiss cheese, and wheat germ. Important minerals including trace minerals are found in lean meats, dairy products, legumes, beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

If you haven't already, try to accustom your family to eat more health-consciously. Be careful of supplement vitamins and minerals. Much of what is commonly sold at the grocery store will not help much. The reason lies in the fact that many vitamins are synthesized from petroleum or processed in unnatural ways. Your body will not assimilate well an unnatural vitamin or mineral. Make sure you only use supplements of natural ingredients made with high standards. And since B-vitamins are found together in natural sources, they should be taken together in a supplement also. Unless directed by your physician, never take one B-vitamin without the others, but rather choose a natural B-complex as your supplement.

Supplementing your diet with good vitamins and minerals makes more sense when you look at agriculture. Every farmer knows that to decrease the amount of disease and increase the health of his/her livestock, the farmer supplements the animals' diet with vitamins and minerals. Likewise, parents who are improving their nutritional standards find that their children's behavior and health improves as well. Healthy children are easier to parent and have less behavioral problems. For these reasons, nutrition should not be overlooked.

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