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Your Family Clinic's Learning Disorders Page


  • An Introduction to The Structure of Intellect (SOI).
  • Holistic Approach to Treating Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder 2005.
  • Treating Autism: Overview of a Holistic Approach 2000.
  • ADHD & LD: Questions and Answers on Vision Therapy.
  • An exercise game to improve short term memory.
  • Challenging FreeCell games to improve problem solving skills or convergent learning.
  • A progressive muscle relaxation script to help children be calm.
  • Nutritional Supplements that Sharpen Vision and Hearing.


  • An Introduction to Neuro-Development by Dan Moore, Ph.D.


  • A balance board to help with remediation for learning disorders.
  • Video tape on diagnosing learning disorders.
  • A chart listing products and actities that strenghten specific SOI abilities.
  • Educational Products for Learning Problems.


  • We do coaching!
  • Improve school performance by using information from your child's psychological tests.
  • At home assessment and treatment for learning disorders.
  • We can make house calls to be your Guide to Holistic Services.


  • Links to 15 programs that utilize the Nuero-developmental Model for treating Learning Disorders.


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