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Is Neuro-development "Evidenced Based"?

In the currently common use of the term "Evidence Based", neuro-development is not evidenced based and is not likely ever to be so. Neuro-developmental procedures have been used and researched since the 1930's by scientist all over the world. There are many science journals that have articles devoted to the positive effects of neuro-development, but its practice is still not considered to be evidence based.

The likely reason is because neuro-development works. Many things that work do not get to go "main stream" and things that only partially work or perform slightly above placebo (e.g., anti-depressant medication) get to be called "Evidence Based".

In other words, if you feel that mankind is causing global warming, that fluoride is healthy for the body and teeth, children need more than 20 immunizations before they start school, the flu shot should be taken every year, and that the new food pyramid offers information to keep you healthy, then neuro-development is probably not for you or your family. Just stick to evidence based practices.

If you want to improve you functioning, actually cure such incurable conditions as dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder, significantly raise IQ scores, improve your children's behavior, significantly improve memory, or greatly overcome traumatic brain injury, then you will find neuro-development of great value. We invite you to do your own research of the thousands of research articles that get little attention by the main stream. Then you can make up your own mind about the evidence for neuro-development.

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