Nutritional Supports for Chidren

Our Amateur Nutritionist
Copyrighted 1998

The following are suggestions from our Amateur Nutritionist who has read various books and has summarized the findings. Please read our disclaimer before following any of these suggestions. We hope you investigate further the potential benefits and possible harms (if any) of using herbal supplements with children. Some books suggest the amount of each herbal product to use. Our amateur nutritionist does not recommend dosage levels because of being amateur and also not being a physician. In many cases the amount to give can vary from individual to individual. Some children will not need as much of supplemental product as another child. Please consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

The Family Clinic promotes a conservative use of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. We feel the body can become immune to the effects of vitamins if the same vitamin is taken daily over long time periods. To prevent such a response, we suggest using a vitamin and supplement plan for a while (maybe two weeks or so) and then switching to another plan that is proposed to achieve the similar. After a period of time has passed, go back to the original plan and repeat the process. Only in cases where there is a serious medical reason that the same vitamin, herbal or mineral supplement should be used for an extend period of time on a daily basis.


iconCatnip and iconfennel - These are excellent products for fussy babies whose problems are colic, stomach pains, teething and fevers. Catnip aids in digestion and is good for stomach gas or cramps. The extract will help to clean mucus out of the body, relax the colon and lower fevers. Fennel aids in digestion. The variety highlighted above is a gelcap. For babies, prick the gelcap with a sterile pin and squirt a couple of drops in the babies mouth.

These products can be found at most health food stores or ordered directly by clicking on the highlighted words above. Follow directions on the bottle.

iconVitamin C powder - Vitamin C is water soluble and needs to be replaced daily. It is an antioxidant, protecting our cells from damaging toxins. Vitamin C will help your baby absorb iron and form collagen, both necessary for growth.

Vitamin C is vital especially in colder climates or where there are high amounts of allergens. Vitamin C powder stirred into pure, clear juice (no sugar) will do wonders for elimination mucus, relieving colds, killing viruses and bacteria, healing and preventing ear infections as well as other infections. It also aids in the development of your baby's teeth.

There are many varieties of Vitamin C powder. Choose an all natural kind at your health food store or order directly from us. There are buffered varieties to not harm your baby's stomach.

iconEardrops - Young babies tend to get earaches and ear infections due to teething, lack of nutrition and harsh weather elements. Have eardrops on hand that will soothe their symptoms and prevent infections. There is an excellent natural product by DNA Labs, containing garlic oil, olive oil, and mullin oil, with tinctures of plantago, pennywort, lobelia, chamomilla and aloe vera. This product can be ordered directly from us.

iconVitamin E - This is excellent for jaundice. "Prick a 100 IU of vitamin E and squirt in mouth." ( The How To Herb Book, V. J. Keith and M. Gordon, 1984)

iconSlippery elm mixture - This is excellent for diarrhea and inflamed bottoms. Add one tablespoon slippery elm to one pint cooled, scalded milk. Feed your baby 1 or 2 tablespoons of mixture after every elimination. This will soothe and heal the lining of the colon. (Ibid)

Toddlers through Pre-Adolescents

Anyone who has raised a child knows that this is a time of great exploration and discovering. It is crucial to ensure that your child is receiving the proper nutrition particularly for brain growth and development. Also, having a few "first aid" items on hand can go a long way to quickly relieve symptoms when they have overextended themselves and even prevent a visit to the doctor. The individual nutrition that your child needs is much too extensive to list here, but I will touch on the basics for a good foundation.

iconB-complex vitamins - These are absolutely vital for brain development. The energy your brain needs for the thinking process, and to complete the connections of circuitry depends on B-vitamins. A lack of B-vitamins sometimes manifests itself in the form minor psychotic symptoms or other mental problems. The necessity of B-vitamins for brain development cannot be stressed enough. Liquid supplements are available which can be mixed into non- sugar juice.

iconMinerals - These are the body's sparks plugs. In order for the body to perform all of its necessary functions, there must be minerals present. If your child has trouble sleeping at night it might be due to a lack of calcium or calcium absorption. Increasing their milk intake might not be the answer. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream through the colon. Milk products cause mucus in our bodies which coats the colon and prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals. (Junk food also causes the colon to be coated with mucus.) Calcium is much more readily absorbed when it comes from broccoli. There are liquid colloidal minerals available which are highly absorbable and can be put in your child's juice without much detection. 2-3 drops a day can be very beneficial, increasing the dosage as they get older.

First aid kits - This is what to have on hand to be prepared for common ailments and mishaps.

  • 1. iconVitamin C powder as mentioned before at onset of colds and infections.

  • 2. iconEar drops as mentioned before for ear infections.

  • 3. iconEchinacea, icongarlic, cayenne pepper in the form of tinctures or capsules for infections.

  • 4. iconRed raspberry leaf for eye infections and pink eye. Red raspberry leaf in the form of teabags can be boiled, cooled and applied directly to the eye.

  • 5. Fresh kiwi fruit which aids in digestion for stomach viruses and flu.

  • 6. Fresh garlic, cayenne pepper and honey combination for sore throats, strep throat, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections.

  • 7. Aloe vera for cuts, scrapes, and burns. The meat and juice of the leaves of a fresh plant are best.

  • 8. iconYarrow for flu symptoms.

    Note: Poison ivy and fire ants are prevalent where we live and I have found the most effective treatment to be Bandaid Spray (formerly known as Rhuli spray) from the drug store. It comes in a white can with a green lid.


    iconB-complex vitamins - Again, to ensure good brain development continue them on a regimen of vitamin B supplements and vitamin B-rich foods. The forebrain is the last part of the brain to develop and is associated with long term thinking. It becomes fully developed in the late teens and early twenties.

    iconMinerals - These are needed for proper bodily functions particularly during puberty. Extra iconcalcium will help ease your daughter's pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps. If she retains too much water during this time, help her to reduce her salt intake, and increase potassium-rich foods. Potassium helps to balance body fluids.

    iconZinc is needed by all teenagers to ensure that they grow properly and to their full potential.

    Regular exercise - This is essential for everyone, and particularly for teenagers. Exercise purifies their blood, controls mood swings, and helps their body to produce their own vitamins and minerals needed for proper bodily function.

    iconSt. John's Wort - If mood swings are not kept at bay with the above techniques, St. John's Wort is an excellent addition to their regimen. Be careful with this herb and know what you are doing before trying it. Do not combine this herb with an antidepressant.

    iconTea tree oil - Diet and exercise are important for adolescents to prevent acne. However, when outbreaks do occur, tea tree oil diluted and applied topically with a cotton swab works wonders to kill the germs that cause acne. Results can be seen overnight. Tea tree oil is available at most health food stores and from our site.